Objective and Comprehensive

We specialize

in providing a completely objective and comprehensive review of your company’s commercial operations from Deal Qualification through to Deal Unwinds.

We assist

our clients in identifying and then implementing the appropriate organization, processes and tools to avoid recurring commercial issues.

We facilitate

and optimize the deal approval process as well as the management of deal commercials post signature, especially for bundled or managed services.

We leverage

your company’s existing capabilities and assets and create a set of recommendations and programmatics to achieve your end-state.


Contract and Commercial Optimization Services

Advisory.  In this capacity, we work in the background, meeting with you, your team, and the other cross-functional teams charged with effecting the commercial operations of your company. The role would include being a sounding board for plans and key moves, and your source for thoughts and ideas on optimization steps.

Consultative.  In addition to the responsibilities and contributions of the Advisory role, we work with selected managers, team leaders, and others to help them individually with their role in the commercial operations workflow.  We recommend adjustments to systems and procedures that require modification; and sit in on work meetings to evaluate the effectiveness of critical elements of the your deal lifecycle.

Collaborative.  In addition to the roles described above, we recommend specific changes and programmatic activities to evolve your contract architecture to facilitate the contracting motion of your company.  We then implement the recommended changes using a mix of your employees and strategic partners following a formal hand-off process. Auditing of the changes is also instituted.

Discrete Contracting or Commercial Activities

In addition, we provide project based “one-off” type of Services.  As examples of the types of activities* we perform, see some of our largest transactions by these industries:

Telco Alliance and Outsourcing Deal (TCV $2B)

Global Food and Beverage Company Deal (TCV $1.7B)

Aerospace and Defense Turnaround (~$100M)

Multinational Mining, Metals and Petroleum Renewal ($600M pa)

Global Aircraft, Defense and Industrial Products Manufacturer Deal (TCV $1.1B)

Global Manufacturer in Commercial, Industrial and Residential Markets Turnaround (~$50M)

Global Energy and Transportation Company Turnaround (~$60M)

Major US Owner and Manager of Hospitals and Ambulatory Surgery Centers Deal (TCV $1.2B)

Healthcare Turnaround (~$50M)

* Not all “Deals” were wins.

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