Specializing in Optimizing Contacting Operations

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RZ Strategies understands that to have a repeatable, sustainable and successful Contract and Commercial Management function the entire practice – people, processes and tools – must be optimized.


RZ Strategies will help your company avoid the many common pitfalls of the commercial process, optimize your contracting and commercial management, drive efficiencies and scalability into your company’s transactions, and produce more predictable and visible deals.

Specializing in Optimizing Contracting Operations

“My commercial operations are suboptimal.  I have surprises everywhere all the time, AND I’m trying to transform the way we contract, while my company itself is transforming.”  Business Owner, Leading Fortune 500 Company

By now, you have probably made every attempt to optimize your company’s contracting operations.  You’ve assigned the appropriate budget, you’ve hired some great people, and your team has probably implemented software tools that already save time and create efficiencies in your contracting motion.

Despite all of these efforts, your organization still runs into the following issues:

Troubled contracts, accounts or programs affecting your company's reputation, P&L and liability

Reoccurring surprises requiring continual revisions to forecasts, budgets or Estimates at Completion

Time consuming, non-collaborative, redundant bid and account reviews

No one seems to know why, how or what deal was finally approved, or whether key deal points are being managed

Overdelivering, underdelivering or not getting the value you bargained for on your contracts

Richard Sandler, Managing Director

As the Global Head of Contract and Commercial Management for Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) (now DXC Technology), Richard led a team of over 550 Commercial and Federal contracting professionals.

He played a key leadership role in CSC’s recent transformation resulting in hundreds of millions in cost savings and personally led his department’s change program in the tens of millions.

Richard is also recognized globally as a major deal closer, “fixer” and turnaround specialist.

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